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BPM4 Low Pressure Fuel Pump Controller EKP replacement

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As many of you may have heard, we have been working with Torqbyte on developing of a fully integrated PT-CAN -based LPFP control module for performance-minded owners that prefer doing things the right way rather than entrusting their car’s fueling to other less technologically advanced solutions on the market. Let's face it, the fuel system is the lifeblood of your motor and you should upgrade it with the best technology on the market. The BPM4 is a complete replacement solution for your factory EKP unit, which is design-limited to the factory fuel pump and thus unable to drive high capacity aftermarket fuel pumps without overheating. BPM4 interfaces directly with the vehicle PT-CANBus using supplied Plug-n-Play wiring that mates with the existing that normally goes to the factory EKP. Installation is clean and doesn’t require disturbing or modifying to the factory EKP wiring. The BPM4 communicates directly with the DME and is able to drive one, two or even three Walbro 525's under full DME control. This ability to run multiple high-capacity aftermarket pumps while maintaining full DME control over the low pressure closed loop control system that the vehicle was designed with, is something no other solution on the market offers.


Why you need this:
BMP4 controller allows you to retain the factory closed loop fuel pressure control loop, while running 1, 2 or 3 high-capacity aftermarket pumps. If you’re looking to set new platform power records or simply upgrade your fuel system in a safe and reliable manner, look no further than the BMP4. Other solutions that utilize a Hobbs switch to activate additional fuel pumps actually work against the DME closed loop pressure control system. When the Hobbs switch activates, the DME is faced with a step increase in line pressure that it reacts to by lowering the output duty of the pump still under its control. The end result of this approach are massive fuel pressure oscillations caused by the DME software frantically attempting to servo the low system fuel pressure towards the target pressure levels.

The factory EKPM is limited to 18A of current before it overheats and shuts off the pump. This intermittent operation reduces its life and reliability. The only way to avoid this is to artificially lower the peak duty levels via DME tuning, which leaves spare pump capacity “on the table” and defeats any benefits of running a larger aftermarket pump.


BPM4 can safely deliver peak currents as high as 50A with steady state currents of 40A without cuts or overheating meaning that attached pumps can be operated at 100% duty indefinitely.
The BPM4 controller is a simple plug and play unit that will solve all of your low pressure fueling needs. The unit comes standard with 40amp fuses but can be upgraded to 50amp depending on your configuration.



The free TorqBFM PC software can be used to adjust the ratio of DME demanded duty vs. actual pump duty which is known as the unit slope. This slope can be left at factory EKMP levels or can be adjusted higher or lower depending on the demands of your set-up.

TorqBFM PC software also allows the user to Live View, Log and Play Back various vehicle parameters that include DME commanded duty, actual pump duty and RPM. With additional optional hardware it is also possible to log LPFP pressure and pump current. TorqBFM is an invaluable tool for diagnosing the fuel system and validating the DME tune is performing as expected (for example, not pulling back commanded duty at peak engine loading).


TorqBFM PC software also allows users to manually override the fuel pumps to any desired output duty desire. Thus may be useful for diagnosing mechanical or wiring issues with the LPFP system. Please note that this feature can cause a lot of damage if misused since it will ignore all DME commands. It should be used only for short tests and only by qualified and experienced users with an in-depth understanding of the LPFP system operation and dangers associated with using (or misusing) this feature.

Feature Summary:
- allows the DME to directly control 1, 2 or 3 low pressure fuel pumps (450's or 525's) in a manner the vehicle was designed
- Compatible with all DME tuning suites (or no tuning at all)
- Free TorqBFM PC software allows slope control giving the user/tuner full control over the LPFP fuel system operation
- Full Plug -n-Play solution mates with the factory EKP harnessing
- PT-CANBus integration allows full DME control over the LPFP system, including failsafe mode etc...
- TorqBFM PC software allows logging of RPM, fuel pump duty cycles, and even an added analog input for a second low pressure fuel sensor or a current sensing device offered separately.
- Eliminates the need for alternative solutions such as Hobb's switches
- Supplied with all the wiring necessary for fuel pump and battery power/ground hookup, along with fuses and fuse holders
- Housed in a rugged CNC'd billet aluminum, anodized controller housing
- Completely designed, built and tested in North America (USA and Canada)
- Eliminates the need for return lines or external regulators when paired with our soon-to-be-released LPFP fuel system.

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